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Quality Politics

In Grupo Transportista Gou S.A. de C.V. leader in national, foreign and international removals and international logistics, we are committed to offering our clients the highest quality services to meet their diverse needs.


That is why the General Management has decided to implement a quality management system based on the standard ISO 9001:2015 and undertakes to comply with the applicable requirements and regulations in order to achieve continuous improvement of the quality management system, as well as:

  • Understand and meet the needs and requirements of our customers for our services. 

  • Have the highest qualified personnel in both the operational and administrative areas. 

  • Constantly provide a high quality service and operational excellence through the application of standardized and efficient processes in all functional areas. 

  • Work with commitment to continuous improvement. 

  • Provide a high level of data transparency to effectively manage service quality and make the right decisions. 

  • Document our management processes, quality control and that they are widely documented to continuously improve our services.



The quality objectives are the main goals of our company to comply with our quality policy of being an International Moving and Logistics company that guarantees the satisfaction of our clients and the continuous improvement of our services. 

  • Total satisfaction of our customers – Guarantee the satisfaction of all our clients and international agents with a quality service, generating a bond of trust in order to increase repetitive sales and recommendations. 

  • Training of our employees – Guarantee the continuous improvement of our services through an updated training program that allows the development of the knowledge, skills and/or competencies of our employees.

  • Resource optimization - Promote the efficient use of resources by contributing to the environment through an updated recycling policy, energy saving and renewal of the vehicle fleet. 

  • investment in technology- Guarantee the continuous improvement of our services by updating the available technology and investing in new technology, both at an administrative and operational level. 

  • contribution to the community – Contribute to the community by creating sustainable and safe jobs within a healthy and pleasant work environment.

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